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PFSA Courses


Expand your football knowledge with the PFSA. From online to in person courses, its the best place to learn about subjects such as - analysis, talent identification and scouting. Click on the PFSA logo above to visit their website. 

As the leading provider of Talent Identification, Opposition Analysis, Technical Scouting and Performance Analysis in football courses, nationally and abroad, we deliver both online and in-person courses across the UK, Europe, Australia, America, Africa, and the UAE.

Every course is passionately delivered by a qualified, experienced tutor – including elite senior football scouts from the English Premier and Football League. We proudly join forces with numerous Premier League Clubs to deliver unprecedented Talent Identification training, while guiding and supporting thousands of association members.

The PFSA Education’s online and practical portfolio is the only programme exclusively endorsed by Instat, one of the worlds leading video analysis platforms, CPD accredited and has been taken by some of the UK and overseas’s top professionals within the game.

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